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HIIT Squad is the newest group fitness class format from soul circuit. It includes a warm-up, movement set to popular music using your own body weight, and hand weights of your choice, followed by a tribal core-on-the-floor routine that will bring out your inner drummer! We incorporate drumsticks into the core routine that you hit together or on the floor to the beat. Fast Fact: the rhythmic nature of the music in a group dynamic has actually been clinically proven to reduce stress and have a positive impact on health in many ways. And, best of all, it’s FUN! We round out the class with a deep stretch and some well-deserved relaxation.

Essential stuff to bring with you:

  • Clean “indoor” shoes (don’t wear them to class)
  • Water and a small towel – expect to sweat!
  • Comfortable workout clothing
  • Participant Agreement if it’s your first class
  • A yoga mat with some cushion that won’t slip under you
  • Hand weights according to your ability level:
    • Beginner: 0-2-5 lb
    • Intermediate: 5-10 lb
    • Advanced: 10-15-20 lb

soul circuit® fitness classes are not like your normal, everyday aerobic class. We use minimal verbal cueing with hand and directional cues – although, you will certainly hear lots of hootin’ and hollerin’ with the occasional burst of singing!

All instructors on the soul circuit® fitness team are licensed and/or certified by their respective class format agencies. Each instructor has her own style and will lead the class in easy, simple movements with a combination of dance and fitness moves.

The music is fun, invigorating and inspiring. Different genres will be used with emphasis on the musical changes – not endless counting reps! Simple resistance movements, such as bicep curls, lunges, and squats are integrated into rhythms. There may be some hip and booty shaking too! While FUN is a goal, your safety is our number one concern; if you have any low back or knee problems (or any medical problems), keep your moves basic and ask your Instructor for an alternative way to do the move.

Short answer is YES!

People of all fitness abilities, ages, and sizes take our fitness classes. You know your own body so workout within your limits. There is never any pressure to perform beyond your abilities…however, in order to make improvements, you will have to trust the process.

If you are unsure about your ability to start a fitness program, see your doctor before attempting any type of exercise. Work out at your own pace until you are comfortable with the routine/exercise. Within a few weeks, you will see improvement…you will not stop as much… and your stamina will have improved greatly! Just hang in there, because you already took your first step toward a healthier, better lifestyle – you started out with a fun, rewarding class. Be proud of yourself!

We encourage family members and friends to workout together – having an accountability partner will help you keep the commitment to get to class. So if you are a mother-daughter team, sisters, or any other combination of family, you are welcome!

Absolutely! We offer drop-in rates for you to try out a class for the first time, or come when you can. Prices vary by class and location ranging from $10 to $25.  HIIT Squad is $15 exact cash, or payable using credit card on Square. Come a bit early and speak to your instructor to settle up. Be sure to check the “What do I bring to class?” FAQ.

Classes at the Goodwood Hall location are fully managed by the instructors Antonia and Kim. Classes include Zumba and TRX+Circuit on Wednesday evenings and Saturday mornings. You can mix it up, drop in, or go for the full package! They communicate with class participants via a Facebook Group. Please contact Kim to get hooked in!

Payment can be made online via PayPal anytime before you come to class, or in person directly to your instructor. In class, we accept cash, cheque, credit card and Interac using Square.

Lucy Lehman, Certified Personal Trainer

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